Hello there,

welcome to my place –how exciting that you have found me! Let me introduce myself, however briefly as I can….

First off: I want to tell you what I like, in hopes you may also share similar sentiments et voilà! What better way to start than common ground and mutual agreement?

So I absolutely love being held. Do you like having a young, spry thing in your arms, in your lap? Thighs draped over yours? I find myself thinking how lucky I am rather tiny and lithe (5’2/159cm & 49 kgs), because I am definitely that girl that will happily climb all over you. If that thought makes you swoon then…excellent!

I am a veritable bon vivant; I adore the leisurely, enjoy closeness, exude warmth and unfurl under the hands of intimacy. My personal philosophy is: to leave this world a little better than I found it. I hope to bring something good to all those that I encounter; with pleasure or besides pleasure.  I refuse to judge and only make myself beholden to my own principles. Guilelessly charming –yet 100% naughty, a little quirky, quite witty and with a dash of wild, I don’t think you’ve met anyone like me yet…and it’s not too late to.

Serena x



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