5 Songs to get frisky with

Firstly, some news –I’m back on the roster this week! I’ll be in this coming Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The specific hours shall be listed on Sunday evening on the Doll House website.

I’m excited about finally being able to release all my suppressed lasciviousness…

In the meanwhile I am going to share five songs I love strutting in the nude to:

Ciao for now x

Lately I have had a slowly unfurling obsession with…candles. Yes, anti-climatic –but candles. So plain and wholesome. Though to be specific, exquisitely scented soy-candles.

I never knew how much they contributed to one’s well-being (aesthetic pleasure aside, the decorative properties of curated glassware an extra). I have now realised –seen the light so to speak –of something that I have usually overlooked and judged as a superfluous ‘luxury’.

Candles are now  indispensable for personal comfort, in manifesting that thing intangible, delicate and rare: ambience.

An ether in which my soul can nestle.

What I am after in a scent is feeling of:

  • Being settled on a couch by the fireplace, with mulled wine, a book in hand and a furry monster on my lap.
  • A smokey jazz club at 2am.
  • Browsing a hidden bookstore named after a Russian poet.
  • Sleeping in a patch of sun streaming down on one’s bed.
  • Autumn.
  • Honey in my tea.
  • The warmth in being held.

Therefore, I love warm, spicy and sensual scents. Things that are comforting and embracing.

My recommendations… Voluspa Baltic Amber Candle, Mark Antonia Autumn Candle, Diptyque Baies Noire Candle, Bastide Ambre Soir Candle, PF Candle Co Amber & Moss and Orange & Cardamon.

I just want to say…I saw Ashley again, the new young lady that very recently started officially at Doll House today, all dressed up and ready to stun. She wore a tight black dress, liquid black eye-liner and rosy lips.

What I meant to say is: she is an absolute bombshell. Shell-smooth skin and blond hair, delicate features with a buxom body that is truly made for appreciation. I dusted glitter on her breasts once, so I can personally vouch that they are globular wonders that cannot be contained by any man’s hands.

I love all my fellow ladies, and I think you will (should?) too!


Such a humid day today. Had some down time catching up with the news with a great latte at RAD cafe, Mount Eden. I really do love Mount Eden…it has its own vibe, i feel.

I remember the first time walking down Mount Eden road…and there was this gap between buildings; the street became a momentary balcony –a drop below and spread out with the width of two houses and the area for four plots of houses, was what appeared to be a lush community garden. It was just so enchanting. I will definitely take a picture next time. I always pause to admire the strange glory that overcomes me when I see this garden.