A little more….

I fell through the rabbit hole into the world of racy lingerie, hot oil, sensuous seduction and bodily delights during university –just over a year ago now (as of 2019). I have always been open-minded to people, things, ideas and experiences. Intimacy is also something I find rare, beautiful; a treasure. I am attracted to it and want to kindle it wherever I can for as long as I can.

And to be frank –I was also deeply attracted to the libertine and debauched nature in which society characterised the industry –isn’t there something in everyone that pulls one to the risqué, or that which suggests the illicit?

I started in sensual massage, and from there I fell in love with everything about my work and the industry; it was a path to discovering more about myself,  about what it means to be with others; about being human. For myself I found a way to express more freely; a medium in which I could convey more, and at a much deeper and primal level than I could have ever reckoned. The body is the mind’s greatest liberator (or eternal champion). A touch can free you.

The industry also introduced me to the most amazing humans I would have otherwise never met. There is aplenty risqué but nothing truly illicit about the industry. It is quite honestly a glorious world of the best ladies whom value, find pleasure and contentment in providing the basic needs in being a functioning, happy human being (companionship, friendship, intimacy, human touch, warmth, and to feel and rejoice in our desires without shame or fear of judgement) despite the stigma, and gentlemen who respects, treasures and makes us love what we do!

I began my journey in New Zealand, and now as a student in Sydney, Australia, I am hoping to take this opportunity to make new connections and encounters in which to share and commune my love of sensuality with.

Yours affectionately,


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